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At Vaidya Group we emphasize on the following:

Customer Satisfaction
Vaidya Group places major emphasis on customer satisfaction, and ensures this by providing a comprehensive service covering every aspect of operation; from initial design and development to market-ready production. Vaidya Group offers personal service to all customers, regardless of the scale of their project. Where required, this service can constitute total project management including consultancy on product development, molding selection, tool design and distribution. The company applies a policy of working in partnership with the customer, keeping them fully informed and involving them to whatever they require.

At Vaidya, quality is a top priority. Here, quality is a means to an end. Our focus on quality will allow us to further increase speed and innovation throughout the company. Emphasis is placed on quality assurance and operational procedures, developed in accordance with ISO 9001 guidelines. Quality has always been at the helm of all happenings in the group of companies. We are followers of ISO and GMP standards.

Cost Effectiveness
Our commitment to development has led to new technologies and processes and hence optimized our performance, minimized costs and maximized efficiency.

Reliability and Minimum Variability

We build quality and reliability into our products and processes and leverage best practices to minimize variability through prevention.